SOCA newsletter summer 2023

The Community Centre hosts a number of daytime activities each week:

  • Tuesday and Thursday Cafés
  • Bingo on a Wednesday from 2 to 4pm
  • Poetry Group meeting on alternate Fridays from 10:30 to 12pm (July 21st, Aug 4th & 18th, Sept 1st)

If you would like more information contact the Centre Administrator.

Community Café

The Community Café opens on Tuesdays from 10.30am to 2pm, and Thursdays 1.30-3.30 pm offering tea, coffee, soup of the day, homemade cakes and other delightful goodies. We hope to see you there!

For information about volunteering to bake or to help out at a Café session please contact Michelle Plaisted-Kerr at café

Community Fridge

Reducing waste

Open noon to 2pm Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays in the Brenda Horwood Room.

Donations are welcome on a Monday or Tuesday morning, fresh or tinned foods, not frozen or raw meat. To volunteer email Michelle Plaisted-Kerr at


The Community cafe and Community fridge will be closed from Monday 21st August and reopen on Monday 4th September.

Bring and Share Poetry

An introduction…

This wonderful poetry group has been going strong since about 2014 (nobody can remember exactly) and is still a joy and a delight.  We meet on alternate Friday mornings, 10.30 am to 12 noon in the Brenda Horwood Room. All we ask for is a donation of £3 per person to cover the use of the room, tea, coffee and biscuits, and to support our lovely Community Centre.

We choose a theme for each session, and everyone brings a poem or two on the theme, to read aloud and chat about together.  Or you can just bring along a favourite poem.  We are welcoming, relaxed, friendly group that is open to all.  We are happy to hear poems folk have written themselves too.  (We now have a new group for those who wish to write their own poems, and to share these, meeting once a month on a Friday morning, same times, at the Tap Social pub on the Abingdon Road.) We also get involved with the yearly summer Artweeks party, when all users of the Centre come together for a celebration evening of music, art and poetry.

Poetry is wonderful stuff, but it can be quite hard to get it into your life, hence the group.  It is infinite.  It begs to be read aloud in a group and discussed together.  We all have great fun, and of course, it sparks discussion about many things.  We are very supportive and inclusive.

Each session is summarised in a group email, so everyone is kept up to speed, even if you’ve missed the meeting, and we have a few ‘virtual’ members too who don’t attend but enjoy the emails.

Many thanks to all who run the Centre, especially Debby.

Hannah Boyle (Poetry Fairy) Email:


Thank you to all who came along to our wonderful Artweeks in May. The evening event was well attended and a good time was had by all.

Thank you to all of the exhibiting artists and the volunteers who helped make Artweeks a success.

Looking ahead…

The Big Draw

Our next big event, The Big Draw, will be on Saturday 28th October. This year’s theme is ‘Drawing with the senses’. If you are interested in getting involved please contact the Office for more details.

The Centre Administrator, Debby Forbes, can be reached by phone on 01865 242666, in person in the Office 9.00-12.00pm weekdays (except Tuesdays) or by email at