Regular activities held at the Centre

Please note: we cannot guarantee the running of any activity. Please check in advance with the organiser, especially if you are attending for the first time. During the Covid-19 pandemic, some classes may not run as per the timings below.
Please do not drop in to an organised class without first booking or contacting the organiser about joining the group/class. 

MondayREEBOOT KARATE4.00-5.30pmMain HallJoby Wilson
07572 885357
FORREST YOGA6.30-8.00pmThe Gill Garratt RoomHinny Vass
5 RHYTHMS DANCE8.00-10.00pmMain HallIrem Luqman
07584 040 41
TuesdayCOMMUNITY CAFE11.00-2.00pmThe Brenda Horwood roomMichelle
WING CHUN KUNG FU5.00-9.30pmThe Gill Garratt roomDace Bogdane
07846 371611
AIKIDO (Kai Shin Kai)7.30-9.30pmDojoScott Lacey
07719 550672
GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS7.30-9.00pmThe Brenda Horwood
SOUTH OXFORD WI (3rd week)8.00-10.00pmMain
WednesdayBINGO2.00-4.00pmThe Gill Garratt roomDebby
01865 242666
OXFORD CITY SCHOOL OF DANCE (term time)4.00-8.30pmMain HallLaura Addison
07913 148332
AFRICAN DANCE OXFORD5.30-7.00pmThe Brenda Horwood roomLakica Grace
SEWING AND PATTERN CUTTING CLASSES (term time)6.30-9.00pmThe Gill Garratt roomChris Eady
01865 245793
JIU JITSU8.00-10.00pmDojoDavid Rogers
07881 520203
ThursdayYOGA – POSTURE WITH JO (Term time)10.00-11.15amMain HallJo Kuszmar
07723 027359
COMMUNITY DROP-IN INC. STITCH and CHAT2.00-4.00pmThe Brenda Horwood roomMichelle
AIKIDO (KOUSHINKAN) [CHILDREN 4-7]5.00-6.00pmThe Gill Garratt RoomRichard Watts
07773 982719
AIKIDO (KOUSHINKAN) [CHILDREN 7-10 and 10+]5.00-7.00pmDojo
Richard Watts
07773 982719
AIKIDO (KOUSHINKAN) 7.30-9.30 pmDojoRichard Watts
07773 982719
WING CHUN KUNG FU5.00-9.30pmThe Brenda Horwood roomDace Bogdane
07846 371611
PILATES7.00-8.00pmMain hallBeverly Chandler
07771 682467
AFRICAN DRUMMING 8.15-10.15pmMain
FridayBRING AND SHARE POETRY GROUP (fortnightly)10.30-12.00pmThe Brenda Horwood RoomHannah Boyle
AFRICAN DANCE OXFORD5.30-8.00pmThe Brenda Horwood roomLakica Grace
VINYASA FLOW CLASS6.30-7.30pmThe Gill Garratt roomAnja Frey
5 RHYTHMS DANCE7.00-10.00pmMain hallDean Kayum
AIKIDO (Kai Shin Kai)8.00 –10.00pmDojoScott Lacey
07719 550672
SaturdayHINKSEY SCULLING SCHOOL2.00-4.30pmBoat ShedBodo Schulenberg
SEWING AND PATTERN CUTTING CLASSES (monthly)9.00-4.00pmThe Gill Garratt roomChris Eady
01865 245793
KARATE9.00-11.30amMain hallJoby Wilson
07572 885357
SundayFARMERS MARKET 10.00-NoonThe Brenda Horwood Room and
KRIPALU YOGA11.00am-12.30pmMain HallJulie Bolitho-Lee
HINKSEY SCULLING SCHOOL2.00-4.30pmBoat ShedBodo Schulenberg
HYTHMWORKS ALLA LE-AKE (Alternate weeks)5.00-7.00pmThe Gill Garratt roomGreg Gorski
07423 380067
AIKIDO (Koushinkan)5.00-6.00pm DojoRichard Watts
07773 982719