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Folly Bridge toll house

Toll house Folly Bridge 1844 smallerIn 1825-7 Folly Bridge was rebuilt at a cost over £19,000. A toll gate was placed at the southern end of the Abingdon Road to collect tolls to pay for the building of the new bridge. In 1844 the toll gate was moved onto Folly Bridge itself, and this toll house (left) was built beside it, to intercept people travelling to and from the new Great Western Railway station in Grandpont. The toll house was designed by the architect James Gardiner and cost £320 to build. Plans of it (drawn later) can be seen here.

By September 1850 the debt incurred in rebuilding the bridge had been paid off and early one morning the gate was ceremonially fastened back for the last time. The toll house was later used by Harris & Son, the boatbuilders, as a punt hire office. The gate has disappeared, but the toll house survives, and is now occupied by a shop.

Plans of the tollhouse on Folly Bridge, from the 'Vellum Book' Schedule of the property of the city of Oxford, p.231, © Oxfordshire History Centre.
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