South Oxford Community Centre

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Artweek 2009

Artweek 2009 11th to 16th May


The second year saw more artists on board for the exhibition with a different concept in art as displayed by Georgina Howes with 'STACK' 


An experiment in how we think about art.

How much are your feelings about a piece of Art affected by the identity of the Artist?
Does it matter if no-one has ever seen a piece of Art and no-one knows who did it? Is it still Art?

Come and take part in our experiment –
Find out how it feels to make a sketch or drawing when you know people will see it next year. Or when you know people will never see it.
Make a drawing and add it to the STACK.
Is there any Art in the STACK?

This year we had music in the evening of French Chansons performed by Ensemble Azut.


The artists exhibiting this year include;

Martin Beek

Eva Smith

Namoi and Abigail Pine

Marian Carrigan 

Cat Tyack 

Georgina Howes STACK! An experiment in how we
think about art